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Conzon Group

Conzon Group was founded by twenty-year experience of Luciano Conzon in enterprises. The brand brings together three companies, all born through a strong entrepreneurial spirit and hard work.

Conzon Group operates on the European territory and carries out an activity aimed at the development of a market whose protagonists are the Italian Northeast and Ukraine. The idea is to use the opportunities offered by the expansion of the East European market both in terms of production, both as regards imports and exports.

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Conzon Holding

The group has developed in recent years as well as solid experience a network of alliances, collaborations and knowledge that can provide information and assist the Italian entrepreneurs who look to the East.
Conzon Group, thanks to their professionalism, is able to offer a wide range of services that cover every aspect of business from market research to gathering information on legal legislation, real estate and logistics, from production to the commercial sector. The offer is aimed especially atcompanies, both Italian and foreign, but also to private citizens, interested in cooperation.