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Purchase companies


In Eastern Europe we are facing great opportunities to those wishing to take over a company that already exists. In fact, the purchase of a company, with the aim to relaunch the production, or already well underway, is an investment that offers margins very high gain.
Conzon Group offers its assistance throughout the acquisition process, starting from the identification of the company that will suit your needs.

Housing Market


The historical centers of Eastern Europe’s cities are rich and impressive palaces still used as private residences, but enclosing an incredible potential, once renovated and refurbished. In addition, many apartments that were previously state-owned, were sold to tenants that now given the prices give the property in the center to move to the suburbs.

The housing market in the short and long term is therefore very active. There is, for example, is also a significant demand for apartments and offices furnished to rent in Western businessmen and tourists.

The real estate market in Ukraine is constantly growing, and choosing the right property in an appropriate context, you can quickly get a return on investment with good percentages.

Land Rental


Conzon Group offers consultancy and assistance for the rent of land in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan. Our reliability and professionalism will be at your service, in order to facilitate the negotiation, starting with the choice of the plot, to the signing of the lease, sowing, harvesting, and all commercial activities related.

Interpreting Service


Knowledge of language and culture of another country are essential to deal or communicate with the colleagues abroad. Conzon Group through an extensive network of translators is able to provide an interpreting service in the following languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian, German, Italian.

Translations in Ukranian


Trust the right communication – is an irreplaceable component for the successful implementation of the own activities abroad. Conzon Group provides high quality translation services for companies of all types, as well as for professionals who work at the international level.
Our professional translation services also include review and correction of texts or documents on the following languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian, German, Italian.



Certificato UkrSepro

Ukraine has a quality system very close to the quality certificates of Russia. Ukraine has set to release their quality certificates marked UkrSEPRO.
This type of certificate is required for companies that run often shipments of products in Ukraine land.
It does not underestimate that this certificate is very prestigious for buyers and Ukrainian authorities in the area.

Depending on your business needs, you can choose between different types of certificates UkrSEPRO, such as:

UkrSEPRO Certificate for a single delivery:
This certificate is the simplest, it is necessary for a single delivery to Ukraine. Usually the certificate is issued to companies importers.

Certificate UkrSEPRO for a number of various models of product:
suitable solution for those companies who do business with stable type with the Ukrainian market. The certificate refers to the models listed in the catalog business and has generally valid:
1. Certificate UkrSEPRO Serial Production (for one year)
2. Certificate UkrSEPRO Serial Production (for 2 years)
3. Certificate UkrSEPRO Serial Production (for 5 years)

The latter type of certification allows to export products certified without having any numerical limit in the number of shipments throughout the validity of the certificate.

For customs consulting to Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan, or about the kinds of certifications and commercial assistance Ukraine, we are at your disposal.
You can request a custom quote based on the type of product exported, directly calling the ConzonGroup.

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